Cariboo Railroad Contracting

We help you stay the course.

Cariboo is your go-to guide for tough railroad jobs. We specialize in new track construction, maintenance, derailment response, project management, and more. Our decades of experience with hands-on support takes you from project conception to a safe, efficient railroad.

Railroad Contracting Services

Our decades of experience — along with our patented designs — make us an industry leader in railroad technology.
Track Design and Construction
With our decades of experience working on railroad infrastructure, our team is ready to tackle your next project.
Track Inspections
Preventative inspections help ensure the safe operation of the track or facility and reduce incidents, costs, and service disruptions. We can facilitate any size of operation and provide the necessary maintenance to ensure all track structure is safe and compliant to industry standards.
Emergency Derailment Response, Repairs, and Cleanup
When a train derails, you need immediate response from experts who have the experience and equipment to handle any situation. We're your partner when emergencies arise.
Tie and Rail Procurement and Replacement
From one tie to thousands, our crews can handle your next project.
Railcar Repair and Maintenance
Your railcars travel thousands of miles each year and sustain a predictable amount of wear and tear. Our experienced staff can handle all your maintenance and repair needs to keep your fleet moving.
Thermite Welding
Thermite welding permanently joins track for safety and stability. We employ certified thermite welders with the expertise to use specialized equipment for this essential task.
Procurement and Logistics
Railroad construction and maintenance involves hundreds of skilled individuals and thousands of moving parts. We handle everything from start to finish — including the procurement of specialty equipment and materials.
Civil Construction
Railroads are more than the rails themselves; they require a designed and constructed environment for pedestrian and industrial navigation. Our civil engineers design and construct at the intersection of natural and built environments, like roadbeds, ponds, and drainage systems.
Drawing from all areas of expertise, our team will review all existing programs, including safe work practices, safety management systems, switching and service plans, operating plans, assignment scheduling, and asset utilization.
Switch Panel and Prefabricated Track Structure Installation
We partner with our customers to provide seamless installations of complex track structures with minimal down time.
We have the ability to drive steel sheets, railroad steel, I-beams, and various other materials, we can handle any task from site stabilization to erosion control.
Tractor Trailers
Let us handle your hauling needs with our fleet of flatbeds, lowboys, and specialty equipment.
Heavy Haul
Oversized equipment with heavy tonnage requires experience and precision. These big jobs are our specialty.
Heavy Equipment
We have equipment and know-how to move heavy machinery — whether it's rail-bound equipment that requires specialized trailers, tracked and rubber tired equipment, or other cargo. We have a fleet of tampers, excavators, pipe-layers and more to ensure no job is too big for us to complete.
Rail Trailers
When equipment needs to be hauled via rail, we provide the specialized trailers to keep your project in motion.
Project Management and Budgets
Our extensive knowledge of the essential steps of every type of railroad services project allows us to efficiently navigate construction or maintenance of any kind. We offer project management and annual and multi-year budgeting for both maintenance and capital programs.
Safety and Training
Our team has extensive understanding of the regulations and requirements on Industrial, Short Line, and Class One Railways. This knowledge allows us to develop specialized training programs in safety and operating procedures specifically tailored to the individual requirements of each client.
Flagging Services
We employ certified protecting foremen to coordinate with train operators and construction crews on site during ongoing projects to ensure safe passage at all times.
Brush Clearing and Debris Management
We make way for projects by clearing pesky brush and disposing of debris both railside and roadside that can get in the way after cleanup.
Vegetation Spraying
We specialize in railroad vegetation management and Department of Transportation vegetation management, going beyond a typical spraying company and including brush clearing, prescribed burning, and more.
Snow Removal and Winter Service
We don’t let winter weather get in your way. Snow removal, de-icing, and more ensure safe and easy switching for your local railroad service provider. Cariboo has the specialized assets necessary for efficiently keeping your yards and tracks clear.
Hi-rail Rotary Dump Trucks
With our dump truck fleet we are able to deliver materials to your job site even by rail.
We excel at instillation and upkeep of barbwire fences to keep livestock and wildlife off of the track and also chain link or K-rail placement to keep trespassers off railroad property.


With decades of experience in the railroad contracting services industry, our leaders are a skilled, collaborative team.
Clint Stibbard
EVP, Cariboo Rail
Bryson Gibson
VP, Cariboo Rail
Tim Marshall
Regional Superintendent
Keith Fulford
Regional Superintendent
John Bohun
Field Supervisor
Tom McAvoy
Transport Superintendent
Tim Hawryluk
Maintenance Manager
Angela Charpentier
HSSE Manager