Engineering Services


From procurement to design to installation, our skilled engineering staff has decades of expertise planning and executing foundational track and car elements.
Civil Construction
Railroads are more than the rails themselves; they require a designed and constructed environment for pedestrian and industrial navigation. Our civil engineers design and construct at the intersection of natural and built environments, like roadbeds, ponds, and drainage systems.
Jack and Bore
We specialize in the less environmentally invasive and efficient jack and bore method to install pipes, correcting any drainage issues.
Material Handling Trucks
Our hi-rail equipped material handling trucks are ready to move any materials or debris to and from the jobsite.
We have the ability to drive steel sheets, railroad steel, I-beams, and various other materials, we can handle any task from site stabilization to erosion control.
Procurement and Logistics
Railroad construction and maintenance involves hundreds of skilled individuals and thousands of moving parts. We handle everything from start to finish — including the procurement of specialty equipment and materials.
Snow Removal and Winter Service
We don’t let winter weather get in your way. Snow removal, de-icing, and more ensure safe and easy switching for your local railroad service provider. Cariboo has the specialized assets necessary for efficiently keeping your yards and tracks clear.
Switch Panel and Prefabricated Track Structure Installation
We partner with our customers to provide seamless installations of complex track structures with minimal down time.
Thermite Welding
Thermite welding permanently joins track for safety and stability. We employ certified thermite welders with the expertise to use specialized equipment for this essential task.
Tie Plate Distribution
Our system has the ability to distribute both inside and outside the rail. Plates can be dropped for all your project needs, including dual rail, single rail, and curved rail. We are the industry leader!
Tie and Rail Procurement and Replacement
From one tie to thousands, our crews can handle your next project.
Track Design and Construction
With our decades of experience working on railroad infrastructure, our team is ready to tackle your next project.
Track Inspections
Preventative inspections help ensure the safe operation of the track or facility and reduce incidents, costs, and service disruptions. We can facilitate any size of operation and provide the necessary maintenance to ensure all track structure is safe and compliant to industry standards.