Vegetation Management


Railroads make an impact on the environment, but we believe your company can work with the landscape to maximize the rail’s efficiency while also being sensitive to the surrounding plants and animals.
Brush Clearing and Debris Management
We make way for projects by clearing pesky brush and disposing of debris both railside and roadside that can get in the way after cleanup.
Carbon-footprint Management
Because we prioritize sustainability, we partner with our clients to ensure a low carbon footprint in new and existing projects.
Dust Control
Our specialized equipment and experienced crew maintain a clear job site by continuously mitigating dust — from a project’s start to its completion.
We excel at instillation and upkeep of barbwire fences to keep livestock and wildlife off of the track and also chain link or K-rail placement to keep trespassers off railroad property.
Land Clearing and Large Tree Removal
We tackle the big jobs, adjusting the landscape to make way for new construction.
Line of Sight Brush Removal
Visibility is top of mind when constructing and maintaining railroads. We remove obstacles that can affect line of sight.
Preventive Maintenance
In order to prepare for eventual regrowth and weather events, we continuously monitor a railroad’s surrounding landscapes to tackle any issues before they start.
Quality Control
Our decades of experience informs strict quality control in small jobs — like brush removal — and big jobs — like clearing large swaths of land.
Vegetation Spraying
We specialize in railroad vegetation management and Department of Transportation vegetation management, going beyond a typical spraying company and including brush clearing, prescribed burning, and more.